Prague Hostels

Welcome Hostel Prague Center

The Welcome Hostel Prague Center is, as the name suggests, right in the very heart of the city as this hostel is located a mere 150 yards from Charles Square so pretty much everything that you want to do is going to be on your doorstep. More Info

Hostel Emma

The hostel has a total of 21 room available and within that selection are various combinations which does mean that it is very easy for you to get something that is going to prove to be perfect for your needs. Hostel Emma

Little Quarter Hostel

For facilities, then the Little Quarter Hostel does go out of its way to provide you with everything that you are going to really need during your stay even considering you are clearly doing so on a budget.

Hostel Homer

Hostel Homer offers a few soft drinks, coffee, beer and even baguettes, but you will definitely like going out for spectacular night moments. Book Now

Hostel Cortina

Finally, Hostel Cortina has an amazing customer care team that works on a 24 hour basis responding to your calls and inquiries. Continue