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About The Hostel 1Bed4U

Relaxing once in a while is a wholly healthy endeavor. It enables you to take a break from your daily routine so you savor the ambiance of tranquility. For that reason, therefore, you should make a hasty point of identifying the best hostel that will enable you to shed off stress and have some fun. The 1Bed 4U Prague hostel, located 400 meters from Prague National Museum and 700 meters from Wenceslas Square is certainly the best catch if you’re a wild explorer.

To begin with, it comprises every facility to make you very comfortable during your stay there. Additionally, you can easily obtain more information about the 1Bed 4U Hostel by just jetting right into the internet. It’s as easy as it sounds. You’ll have the best experience ever once you get there since the highly qualified staff will keep a close check on you to ensure you are granted everything you require. It’s not a fad! It’s truthful in its entirety.

Well, who doesn’t enjoy limitless access to up –to- date information all over the world? 1Bed 4U Hostel is well equipped, enabling you to access free Wi-Fi so you spice up your stay there. Anytime you get bored you can just dive into the internet arena to search for movies or music. You can download them at your own convenience without incurring a single cent. Furthermore, you can interact with your friends and family back at home without strain since all you’ll have to do us jet into the social media platforms to get started. Once you get there, you’ll always be unfazed in matters internet navigation. How splendid!

An accommodation is entirely indispensable. The good thing is that once you get into the 1 Bed 4U Hostel space, you’re guaranteed of top notch accommodation with a warm breakfast every single day. The room rates vary depending on their sizes as well as capacity. The rooms range from 1 to 4 en suite, depending on the number of people occupying them at that particular period. Nonetheless, the rooms have kitchens so you can prepare your favorite meals all by yourself provided you have the ingredients. This offers very much in the way of making you feel at home.

If you have a car, you shouldn’t fret over how you’ll park it for the night. At 1Bed 4U Hostel, you are guaranteed ample space for parking till dawn. Nobody will mess up with your machine. You can zoom off and back at any time whatsoever. It won’t be a challenge to go to town to catch hip with your friends for a party then you get back.

To wrap up, 1Bed 4U is an exceptional hostel, owing to the over the top facilities at affordable rates. You’ll have endless fun and comfort once you get there. You should, therefore, make a hasty point of getting there. It’s amazing!


Last Updated: December 2019.

Hostel 1Bed4U Facilities

Free Wifi
Breakfast Not Included
Linen Included
Cable TV
Tea & Coffee
Hot Shower
Common Room
Tours Desk
Shopping Nearby
Luggage Storage
No Curfew
Airport Transfer
Cards Accepted